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Are you looking for an exercise that will work your chest, triceps, and shoulders and help them all gain size at the same time?

Then you are looking at doing dips!

This amazing exercise has been around long before conventional gyms were and have stood the test of time.

Still on the fence as to whether they are what they promise to be?

Let me change your mind today and give you The 5 Muscle Building benefits of Dips

Muscle Building Benefits of Dips #1 Builds Strength

Dips help build overall upper body strength because they have no fixed range of motion.

You have to fight to get yourself up, this, in turn, engages not only your chest, triceps, and shoulders but all the supporting muscles too.

This teaches your body to use these muscles together more efficiently and thus you become stronger.

And as we know, a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle.

Muscle Building Benefit of Dips #2 Dips are Compound Movement

What is the king of building mass? Compound movements that’s right!

Compound movements recruit more muscle fibers than isolation movements and dips are near the top of the list in terms of overall muscle engagement.

You can check out our article here about the best 8 compound exercises to build muscle, and of course, dips is one of them!

Muscle Building Benefits of Dips #3 Dips Increase your Bench

Want to increase this number? Then dips are a MUST.

As we mentioned earlier, dips engage almost your entire upper body this means more strength, especially in your triceps, chest, and shoulders.

This spills over into your bench press and you will soon find yourself being able to increase your bench press weight after doing dips for a couple of weeks.

And even more so if you perform chest dips, this is done by flaring your elbows and pushing your torso forward.

Muscle Building Benefits of Dips #4 Builds a LOT of Muscle Mass

Due to all the stimuli that dips give us, they place a big toll on the body, and this is a good thing.

The more stimulation an exercise gives the more muscle fibers are broken down and the more that needs to be repaired.

When they repair themselves this is when we pack on the size!

So if you’d like a big upper body then there is nowhere better to look than the upper body squat – the dip!

Muscle Building Benefits of Dips #5 Can be Performed Almost Anywhere

Can’t get to the gym? Away from your home town for several days?

If you regularly do dips then this won’t be a problem in the slightest!

Dips can be done virtually anywhere, especially bench dip variants.

If you are used to doing your dips weighted and cannot do them at the gym, simply try keeping the muscle under tension for longer by slowing down the movement.

This will still hit just as much muscle!

Use Caution and Perform Dips Correctly

There are many different forms of dips, however, there are a few universal principals you can practice to ensure you perform your dips safely and effectively.

Namely, they are:


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