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So you’re busy losing weight but your butt isn’t to your liking, or perhaps you feel it’s a bit flabby? Or maybe you already have an amazing booty but you want to make it bigger.

Whatever your reason, why does it seem so elusive to get the booty that you want?

It is because you have been going about it the wrong way!

The Problem Today

Take a look at most “bubble butt” workouts out there they are simply a bunch of bodyweight exercises bunched together and called a butt workout.

I’m sorry ladies, these are bull to put it plainly!

First, let us take a step back and consider what actually makes that perfect bubble butt.

It is your gluteal muscles of course!

The gluteal muscle group is made up of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

The problem with bodyweight exercises/workouts only is that they claim to give you the perfect booty but there is no increasing resistance, no space for your muscles to adapt and get bigger and fuller after the first couple of weeks.

A stronger muscle is a bigger muscle, in other words, you need to be overloading your gluteal muscle group in order for your whole booty to grow!

This is why bodyweight exercises alone just won’t cut it!

They will work for a couple of weeks/months at most and then your body will have adapted to them and your bubble butt progress will come to a grinding halt.

This leaves women like us frustrated and demotivated because we are doing the workouts but getting nowhere!

The Solution

The approach that got me my bubble butt is by using compound exercises and increasing the weight as I got stronger while working in a hypertrophy (booty muscle building) range.

What did this mean for my gluteal muscles? It meant they adapted to the increased loads and got BIGGER.

There is no shortcut to a bubble butt and this is why it is so elusive to many, you gotta put in the work and let the muscles GROW.

Sit back and take a look at the CrossFit games for example, all of the women there do weight lifting, and 99% of them have amazing legs and bubble butts.

Some of them are a bit too muscular for our liking as regular ladies but remember they are elite athletes, but you and I don’t have to be to get an amazing butt.

With that, I want to give you the 5 best exercises to build the perfect bubble butt


Let’s start off with the king of the bubble butt builders.

Squats engage your quads, hamstrings, and glutes as you lift the weights.

Remember at the top of the squat squeeze your glutes like you are trying to crack a walnut between your butt cheeks as silly as that sounds.

Also, make sure you go down so your upper legs are below parallel to the ground. Ass to the grass as they say.

Check out this video here by Meg Squats where she shows you exactly how to perform the perfect squat.

Leg Press

Leg Press although the name says “leg” it is absolutely amazing for your butt.

Take a high stance on the leg press to allow maximum travel of your glutes on the way down, and go DEEP.

You need to go deep with the leg press in order for it to be effective, this engages your glutes as few other exercises can!

Barbell Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

This great exercise does wonders for your hamstrings and glutes.

And using a barbell allows you to increase the weight as you get stronger, and as we discussed this means bigger muscles and a BIGGER BUTT!

Keep your knees just ever so slightly bent when performing the stiff-legged deadlift, on the way down feel the burn in your hamstrings and on the way up to contract your glutes (remember the walnut!)


You must be thinking: “Wait you just said deadlifts right? But I am not a powerlifter or bodybuilder!”

Bear with me. A deadlift is the queen of the booty builder exercises in my opinion.

You use your legs, arms, hamstrings, and most importantly your GLUTES.

Increasing the weight with the deadlift stimulates a LOT of gluteal muscle growth.

They also increase functional strength and for us as ladies that is huge.

Deadlifts aren’t only for men or powerlifters, don’t let this intimidate you! Get started deadlifting today, even if it is with just the bar for a start.

You WILL thank me later!

Hip Thrusts

If you want a bubble butt then this exercise is definitely a must.

It works your core, hip flexors, and most importantly your GLUTES.

As with the rest of the exercises we mentioned be sure to SQUEEZE your glutes at the top of the movement.

Use a barbell as this way as you get stronger you can increase the weight and of course yes you guessed it, get a BIGGER BUTT!


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