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We have all heard at least one (if not all) of the following myths somewhere along the line, either mentioned by us, a girlfriend, or just someone we know.

Yet have we ever stopped to think if they are true? This is what we will be doing today!

We are going to crush and bust the 9 biggest weight loss myths out there!

#1 Lifting weights will make you big and bulky

Unless you as a woman are using steroids then the chances of you getting big muscles are ZERO.

According to this article by Healthline, men have more than 10 times more testosterone than women do on average!

Males have on average 270-1070ng/Dl compared to Females 15-70ng/dL.

And at the upper scale, this can mean normal males have even 15x more testosterone than females do.

This is why it is impossible for the average lady to become big and bulky because testosterone is the biggest factor for holding muscle mass on one’s body.

Sit back and imagine how much steroids, testosterone, and other hormones professional female bodybuilders need to use to get to the muscular physiques they have.

I am here to tell you once again that it is impossible for you to get big or bulky lifting weights without using tons of steroids, from a scientific perspective it is impossible.

I cannot stress this point enough, so get this myth out of your head and get ready to lift some weights!

If you would like to read all about the amazing benefits of lifting weights as a lady you can read our article here.

#2 You Can Target Where You Lose Fat

Ever heard the story that if you want to lose belly fat you should be doing more crunches, or if you would like to lose some arm flab you should do plenty of arm exercises?

This is completely and totally WRONG and a HUGE myth.

By doing exercises in those areas you simply train those muscle groups.

Fat loss comes from a caloric deficit, either by eating less or caloric expenditure from exercise or a combination of the 2.

You lose fat all over your body when you are in a caloric deficit as fat cells (and your body doesn’t worry where they come from) are used as fuel.

#3 You Need to Train Every Single Day

Wrong! Doing this will lead your body to become overtrained and have you end up getting an overuse injury or getting sick from overtaxing your body.

Rest is just as important when losing fat as exercise and diet are!

You need to allow your body to rest and recover from the workouts you are doing once you are seriously losing weight.

Fail to do so at your own peril! Less is more when it comes to losing fat and resting. Aim for 4-5 sessions per week.

This is a healthy balance between rest and exercise. Especially if you are weight training.

#4 Machines are Better Than Free Weights for Women

This is utter nonsense and it has been smeared on us as women for a long time.

You should be doing a combination of both, using machines to isolate muscles you want to work.

Free weights require your supporting muscles to be used, thus giving you more functional strength because it is no longer up to a machine to keep the weight stable, you need to do it!

Meaning more balanced development for you.

Some machines on the other hand are just great for focusing on isolating muscles and working them individually.

#5 Men and Women Should Train Differently

This one really gets me going! And it is my pick for the biggest myth out there!

I am tired of seeing these rubish bodyweight programs out there that treat women as if they will break should they lift a weight.

This is nonsense, physiologically and muscularly speaking, men and women are practically identical! With the exception of our reproductive organs.

So why have us as ladies do 2lb dumbbell workouts with 10lb squats? You will get nowhere like that!

As I proved in the first point, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a woman to get big and bulky like a man UNLESS they are using steroids.

However, if you are just hitting the gym hard and building your muscles to the best and strongest they can be you will end up looking AMAZING!

As we mentioned in our article “5 Moves for the Perfect Bubble Butt”, the key to that perfect booty is by having your gluteal muscle group grow, and nonsense bodyweight workouts will not get that for you.

There is absolutely no reason why women should be sidelined from training like men, as many times the programs the men are doing are far superior to the ones the women are doing.

We are not fragile ladies!

#6 The Less You Eat the More Weight You Will Lose

Busted! This is definitely not the case.

You can read our article here on “Why Eating Too Little Sabotages Your Weight Loss” for a more in-depth answer.

However, to cut a long story short, eating too little causes your body to start going into storage or ”starvation” mode.

This causes your body to store as much fat as it can because it is being underfed.

You need to have a slight energy deficit to successfully lose weight, not a huge deficit which will make your weight loss grind to a halt!

#7 The Supplements I Take WILL Lose ALL the Weight for Me!

NO, they won’t!

In a study conducted in 2013 by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, they showed that thermogenic (fat burners) supplements did indeed increase energy expenditure during the day.

HOWEVER! They only increase energy expenditure around a maximum of 100 calories per day.

And that is for high dosages. They are good for energy and focus though so do not think I am saying you shouldn’t be using them.

But they are supplements, they shouldn’t be relied on, instead rely on a good diet, cardiovascular exercise, and weight training.

#8 Fat makes you Fat

This weight loss ideology was blasted into our ears since the 1950s because of several biased studies conducted back then.

The truth is that bad fats make you fat, and good fats are good for you and make you LOSE fat!

Our big food producers saw a gap in the market as well (whether this was engineered or not is another story) and started to advertise everything with “low-fat” yet riddled with sugars!

You can check out our article here about the 7 reasons why sugar sabotages your fat loss.

BAD FATS are BAD they are riddled with transfats and bad cholesterol (LDL).

Good fats, however, are CRUCIAL to our diets, daily bodily function, and well being as they are full of healthy fats which our bodies need and also with good cholesterol (HDL) which goes a long way to heart/cardiovascular health.

Good Fats

#9 Carbs Make you Fat

Yet another story made up by marketers to try and rid you of your hard-earned dollars with their wonder diets.

Carbs do not make you fat! Bad carbs do. It is exactly the same with fats as in point number 8.

Good carbs on the other hand assist weight loss and provide your body with much-needed energy to function.

You can check out our article here “Good carbs vs bad carbs” for more information on how to choose the right carbs to burn fat!

We all enjoy something sweet every now and then! Spoil yourself by trying out one of our delicious recipes!


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