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With winter in full swing right now being January 2019 many of us women have picked up weight over this holiday period with all the yummy treats and family dinners.

But now what do we do?

Perhaps you just want to shed the pounds you gained over this holiday period, or maybe you would like to stun your friends and family this coming summer with a fabulous new you!

Whatever the reason is, there is so much conflicting diet and training advice it often leaves us feeling frustrated and not knowing which way to turn or where to start.

This is where we come in! We want to give you 7 real world weight loss tips that WORK.

#1 Drink More Water!

Yes I know, water may not be the nicest thing to drink, but if you want the body you have always dreamed of then drinking enough water is a must.

You can read our article here all about how much water you should be drinking per day to lose weight.

If you struggle drinking just plain water, try and get some water flavoring as a start, but being adequately hydrated is of absolute importance!

Without consuming enough water you can expect to have some or all of the following symptoms:

So if you want to get into shape then get busy drinking more water NOW!

#2 Eat Before Heading to the Store or Eating Out

This is an old school weight loss tip but a good one.

When you eat before heading to the grocery store you don’t crave all the sweet calorie crammed foods because your body is already satiated.

Likewise, have something small before you head out for dinner with friends or family.

This stops you from overeating and keeps you on track because you are not that hungry.

#3 Try High Intensity Cardio

This is a MUST for those who want to double their weight loss. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) burns far more calories than just walking or jogging.

You can check out our article here on the 5 best types of high intensity cardio and give them a try to DOUBLE your weight loss!

Try an approach of weights, low intensity cardio and high intensity cardio to lose the most weight possible.

The great thing about HIIT workouts is they take far less time too so you have no excuses!

#4 Lift Weights!

I cannot stress this point enough ladies! And before you ask or say “But lifting weights as a woman will make me bulky/big.” This is a total myth!

Read our article here all about why women NEED to be lifting weights and why it is the single biggest female weight loss myth.

Muscles burn more fat, and the more muscle you have (beautiful toned muscle, not masculine muscle) the more calories you burn.

Weight lifting workouts also burn far more calories than both HIIT and low intensity cardio, especially your big compounds lifts like the squat, deadlift, etc.

If you want to double your weight loss then you NEED to be lifting weights, NOW!

#5 Remove Sugary Drinks!

Yes I know, soda is nice! At least that is what I thought until I cut it out permanently, now I can’t stand the stuff.

Refined sugar is the single biggest cause of obesity in the world today, and if you would like to learn more and find out why then please check out our article here about why sugar makes you FAT.

Chief among the sources of sugar is sodas, energy drinks, juices etc.

Check out this video here where Dave Rubin shows us how much sugar is in just one can of soda!

#6 Be Accountable

This one WILL double your weight loss.

Start an Instagram page, a YouTube channel or simply tell as many people as you can that you are going to get!

Most will be supportive and this will give you a group of people who are going to be EXPECTING you to push and succeed.

If some scoff at your statement let them, use this as fuel to prove them wrong!

Set realistic goals and make bets with friends who don’t believe in you and tell them by such and such a time I will weigh so much and such.

Use some or all of these methods to simply make yourself accountable to others.

When you know someone is expecting you to succeed (or fail) you can use this as a way to push your weight loss journey because you know you are being watched!

#7 Dream Realistic Dreams

Setting goals is another amazing way to double your weight loss, however, you need to be setting the right weight loss goals.

If you are 100lbs overweight then you cannot expect to lose 50lbs in 2 weeks.

Instead, take a step back and set realistic, attainable and achievable goals, cut up into smaller goals/habits.

You can check out our article here on how exactly to set weight loss goals and achieve them TODAY!

We all enjoy something sweet every now and then! Spoil yourself by trying out one of our delicious recipes!

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