12 Week Progressive Overload Program

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Hard Gainers – You CAN Start Building Muscle NOW!

Take the Guess Work out of Building Muscle as a Hard Gainer

Learn How To Gain 10-20lbs of Solid Quality Muscle and Size in Just 12 Weeks!


You CAN and WILL Build Muscle!

This 12 Week Muscle Building Program has been designed by ISSA Certified master personal trainer Brent Bouwer who has worked with hundreds of men and fine-tuned the perfect system for hard gainers to build muscle.

It has been specifically designed for hard gainers and has everything you need to successfully build muscle as a hard gainerGUARANTEED.

So, if you are a hard gainer and have been struggling to get a program that works for you, with YOUR lifestyle as well as your body then this is for you.

In these 12 Weeks You WILL:

  • Gain 10-20lbs of quality muscle and size!
  • Drastically reduces the effects of OVER TRAINING and not feel tired anymore!
  • Learn a revolutionary system that you can continue to use well after this program is over to carry on BUILDING MUSCLE!
  • Learn how to eat to gain muscle!
  • Gain SIZE on your arms!
  • Gain strength on a consistent basis!
  • Feel more confident!
  • Look amazing!

Gain Muscle and Size or Your Money Back!

We’re so extremely confident that the 12 Week Progressive Overload Challenge will make you gain:

AT LEAST 10-20lbs of solid SIZE in just 12 short weeks that we are willing to take away all the risk and guarantee your results….

Get Results or You Don’t Need to Pay a CENT!!!

If you complete the 12-Week Progressive Overload Program and are unsatisfied for ANY reason, just send an email to info@, and we will sort you out a refund!
NOTE – No refunds will be given for mistaking these books for their hardcover counterparts. These are digital e-books made specifically for your mobile, computer, tablet, or notebook.  
All refunds subject to bulkingmonkey.com refund policy.

Here is What You’ll Get:

4 Instantly Downloadable High-Quality E-Books!

All the tools you need to build the most amount of muscle successfully!

Learn from someone who has BEEN THERE HIMSELF, as well as having worked with HUNDREDS of Hard Gainers to develop a program to help you CHANGE your BODY and LIFE!


Written by ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition Brent Bouwer

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Have the best 12 weeks of muscle gain in your life!

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